What We Do

Business Model

Utility scale Energy Infrastructure

Utility Versatile on Technology, Stage and Location

Small Permanent Team

Competitive Advantage

Track Record

The BRL team has closed $60bn in varying sizes of corporate finance transactions. The team has completed approximately $2bn in transactions (over 30 transactions) in renewable energy sector with a combined 90 years of experience in renewable energy and clean technology sectors.

Relationship Network

BRL has unrivalled sector relationships in the global renewables and clean technology sectors spanning each of the three major trading zones. These include:
- Over 100 investor side contacts from publicly quoted, regulated financial institutions to family offices;
- Over 60 developer side contacts from global tier 1 mature corporate entities to bespoke pioneering individuals;
- Over 5,000 contacts in Renewables across all stakeholder groups including advisors, brokers, and NGOs alike.


As a boutique SME, BRL is able to be agile and reactive to client requirements and priorities. This advantage manifests itself in two main areas:
- Fee/Commissions agreements;
- Development Stage.

Sector Knowledge

There is a vast amount of opportunities in early stage/pre-ready to build projects/companies in Europe and the emerging markets as the sector is still in its infancy. There is a growing market for renewable energy. The outlook for subsidised prices is strong as energy technology is developed and soon renewable energy is and will reach economic parity with traditional energy sources. It is acknowledged that there are a lot of large private and institutional investors looking for exposure in this sector but will only invest in viable asset opportunities.